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This is my book.



I'm currently at work on a second book, tentatively titled Fake People, that considers digital performances of approximation, verisimilitude, and dissembling through a theatrical lens.  I shared early content from this project at Interpolations 1, a new symposium on computation and the performing arts at the University of Toronto in October 2023.


I'm also working on a project about Brecht and self-driving cars, with my colleague Mark Shepard at the University at Buffalo.  It's called Autonomous, and when there's more to share, I'll let you know.

Selected publications: 

Playing Real: Mimesis, Media, and Mischief  (Northwestern UP, 2021)
Finalist, ATHE Outstanding Book Award, 2022



Theatre Survey (September 2021)
Theatre Journal (March 2022)
TDR (March 2022)
Modern Drama (June 2022)
Theatre Topics (July 2022)

“The Infinite Wrench.”  International Yearbook of Futurism Studies, ed. Dalila Colucci,

Gunter Berghaus, and Tim Klahn, vol 13 2023.

“A Postdigital Response: User Experience Design and Mixed Reality Performance,” co-

authored with Dr. Steve Luber. In Experiential Theatres: Praxis-Based Approaches to Training 21st Century Theatre Artists,  ed. William W. Lewis and Sean Bartley. Routledge, 2022.  105-112

“‘We are not making a movie’: Constituting Theatre in Live Broadcast.” Theatre Topics,

29:1, pp. 15-27, March, 2019.  Winner, ATHE Outstanding Article Award, summer 2020.

“Live-streaming and the Perils of Proximity.” Re-territorializing Digital Performance from

South to North, a special issue of International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media, ed. Sonali Pahwa and William Lewis, 15:3, pp. 283-294, November, 2019


“Digital theatricality: flickering documents in unsteady archives.” Amodern.  Special

Issue:  Ephemera and Ephemerality:  Media, Archive, Performance.  ed. Priti Joshi and Susan Zieger. October 2017.

“Integrating Realities in Immersive Gaming.” Reframing Immersive Theatre: The

Politics and Pragmatics of Participatory Performance. Ed. James Frieze, Palgrave, 2016.

“This is not a threat:  Conspiracy For Good.”  International Journal of Performance Arts

and Digital Media. Special Issue:  Surveillance Technologies in Performance, ed. Elise Morrison. 11:2, November, 2015.

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